Everything you want to know about kitchen islands

November 6, 2021 0 Comments

Speaking of the key advantages of the island in the kitchen, are you excited at the moment? Or a bunch of questions popping up in your mind? Don’t worry, the questions you want to ask are organized in the text below.

Question 1: Is it suitable for a small apartment?

In my impression, the open kitchen island table appears in luxury houses or large apartments, and even Mingyu’s home belongs to this category; but don’t misunderstand, as long as the space layout is properly planned, and the island table can play a variety of roles. Function (such as double as a dining table, etc.), small apartment can also create it.

Question 2: Can only be used as a meal preparation table?

The center island is regarded as a part of the kitchen, but it only seems to have the functions of meal preparation and operation table? If you think so, you are really wrong! Once again, in European and American families, the island can be installed with sinks, induction cookers, gas stoves, and even hanging cabinets to improve the storage function. It can be regarded as a small kitchen; and with different designs, it can also be used as a dining table, work Desk and desk use.

Question 3: The fumes are diffused, not suitable for oriental families?

This question is basically not related to the central island, but the open layout of the kitchen; therefore, if you are worried about the overflow of oily smoke, in addition to using the central island only for light food, you can also install a range hood , or move the cooking machine to the kitchen counter, and add a glass sliding door to the kitchen, and close the door when cooking.

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