What are the characteristics of the kitchen island

January 25, 2022 0 Comments

In addition to being a good helper for cooking, the island in the kitchen also creates space highlights and rich functions invisibly, which is a new trend in interior design in recent years. Now let’s introduce the characteristics of Nakashimatai and some renderings, so as to give our friends some inspiration.

Feature 1: Open the layout and enlarge the visual space

The design of the central island platform is closely related to the open layout; its setting not only breaks through the limitations of area and layout, but also achieves the effect of enlarging the visual space and expanding the capacity with the disappearance of the partition.

Feature 2: It has compound function, one is worth more than one table

In addition to being used as a kitchen preparation table, the central island can also be transformed into a dining table, cooking area, storage cabinet, partition, bar, desk, workbench, etc. according to the needs of the owner. The table is very suitable for small households with limited area.

Feature 3: Breaking the boundaries and enhancing family interaction

Connecting various spaces is a major feature of the central island platform; by connecting the living room, dining room, and kitchen together, the original space is less closed, and the public area becomes a large layout, thereby enhancing interactivity.

Feature 4: Space highlights, with visual aesthetic effects

Undoubtedly, having a central island at home will really become the visual focus of the public area; and as long as it is properly designed and maintained well, it can also become an element of home beautification.

Feature 5: Create storage and increase storage capacity

In addition to the countertop function, the central island table can also make good use of the space under the countertop, such as placing microwave ovens, small refrigerators, or planning drawers to increase storage functions.

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