Kitchen Wall Lights That Make You Love Cooking

December 25, 2021 0 Comments

Now the wall lamp is also an indispensable lighting furniture in the home. Have you ever thought about decorating the wall lamp in the kitchen? Effective lighting in the kitchen is a must, but now most of them are built-in hidden design lights. If you change to an obvious wall light, what sparks will be wiped out? So, let’s take a look at these kitchen wall lamps!

1. Pairing Kitchen Wall Lights

In this black toned elegant kitchen, a pair of gold toned wall sconces match the color in the metallic faucets and cabinet handles as well as in the pendant light. The wall sconces also form a symmetrical pair with the sink, embodying symmetry and being able to showcase The traditional style of the room. And the classic fixed arm shape of the wall lamp design is also an attractive point.

2. Industrial style kitchen wall light

These wall sconces hang on the wire along the wall surface. This is not a wall light that will fit every kitchen, but not only does this solve the problem of cables coming out, but it would also be the perfect complement to an industrial element in the kitchen. And they provide effective lighting for the oak countertop and cooktop below.

3. Simple kitchen wall lamp

In a square shade, shine light onto the kitchen countertop. Their symmetry echoes the cabinets below and is co-located with the oil absorber, giving the whole a balanced and not bulky effect. When shopping for sconces, keep in mind that sconces need to illuminate the full depth of the countertop to create effective task lighting.

4. Removable Kitchen Wall Lights

Choose a wall sconce with a removable design that allows you to move the light around according to your needs. In this kitchen, sconces have been installed under the cabinet panels. The delicate appearance of bone china perfectly matches the texture of splashback tiles, and it is pleasant to the touch, small and functional.

5. Extendable Kitchen Wall Light

This is the latest attempt at kitchen wall lighting. Extendable arm lights cast light downwards in this kitchen. If the kitchen has cabinet shelves to store items, the coverage of the extendable wall light means that the light is not blocked by those cabinet shelves.

The above is about the content of the kitchen wall lamp, continuous experimentation and innovation will bring different surprises! For more decorating styles, subscribe to kitcheninlondon for the latest!

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