8 Most Popular Kitchen Island Design Styles

August 21, 2021 0 Comments

Modern minimalist style

In the dining and kitchen area, a middle island is installed, which not only creates a light and not heavy cabinet performance, but also increases the diversity of functional types.

Nordic style

In addition to the basic dining function, the large dining table created with the concept of a middle island can also be used as an extension of the cooking work surface. Usually, the homeowner can choose to work or read here.

Casual style

The original closed kitchen was changed to a semi-open design, and the dining area was extended with a central island, with a chandelier design, allowing the owner to have a larger dining and kitchen area.

Mix and match

Nakajima is a dining table and a desk for children. Mothers can take care of children’s homework while preparing meals. It is also a multi-functional office for homeworkers.

Japanese Zen style

A central island is built near the kitchen, which can carry reading or dining, drink or tea, and make every friend feel comfortable and happy when visiting.

Modern style

The central island can be used as a relay station for kitchen cooking. Some simple preparations, washing vegetables, and pot cooking can be done on the sink, countertop and induction cooker.

Neoclassical style

In the center of the kitchen is a central island table with cooking functions, and ingeniously use three-color stone collages to create a herringbone floor.

Country style

The independent middle island table has the functions of storage cabinet, bar counter, and meal preparation table, and introduces the beautiful scenery outside the window, so you can have a good mood when cooking.

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