What are the common types of kitchen lights

February 13, 2022 0 Comments

The existence of kitchen lights can make the kitchen as a whole more beautiful. At present, there are many types of lamps we can see on the market, which can meet the various needs of users, but not all lamps can be installed and used in the kitchen. Next, I will tell you about the common kitchens. The type of light fixture used.

Common types of kitchen lamps include ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, led lamps, recessed lamps and other products.

Kitchen Ceiling Lamp

The ceiling light is no stranger to most users. It is installed on the top of the kitchen and can play the role of basic lighting in the kitchen. However, if the height of the kitchen is relatively high, it is not recommended to use a ceiling light, it is not a good choice.

Kitchen Pendant Light

If you use a chandelier, you can install it at the bar near the kitchen, and you can use it with the ceiling lamp. When the two are used together, it can make the kitchen bright and stylish at the same time. If the height of the kitchen is high, the chandelier can be used as the main light source.

Kitchen LED Light

Using LED lights can be installed under the cabinet, so that the kitchen countertops and cooking preparations can be illuminated, allowing users to better handle the ingredients when cooking.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Recessed kitchen lights refer to the kitchen lights embedded in the interior of the kitchen, which can make the kitchen more beautiful and generous, and can also create a romantic atmosphere.

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