Beautiful L-Shaped Kitchen Designs For You

March 1, 2022 0 Comments

The characteristics of the L-shaped kitchen design are also its advantages, because it is ubiquitous and large and small, it can be said to be the classic style of kitchens in China and even in the world. When it is a universal choice in a large range and for a long time, it must have characteristics that other things do not have, that is, advantages.

1. Most of the L-shaped kitchens are located at the corner of the room, leaning against the wall
The L-shaped kitchen is also named because it resembles the English letter L in appearance, and its right angle is also formed by standing against the corner of the wall. The whole kitchen is next to the wall, and it has two advantages to be located at the corner. First, it can make full use of the corner area to maximize space utilization. The functions of the two places are different, and they each perform their own duties. The vertical design can achieve both washing and cooking in a short distance.

2. Many L-shaped kitchens do not have barriers to keep the space open

If there is no barrier, no doors and windows are set to surround the kitchen, and the kitchen is only part of the wall, which does not affect the integrity of the space. However, open kitchens need to worry about the problem of cooking fumes, but with a high-quality range hood, this problem can be easily solved.

3. The L-shaped kitchen needs to set up more cabinets to enhance the storage capacity

The most intuitive feeling of the L-shaped kitchen design is that it is long and narrow. The long and narrow space needs to be kept clean and tidy to maximize the visual effect of the space. There are a lot of clutter in the kitchen. If each piece is placed on the kitchen counter, there will be a feeling of crowding and clutter. At this time, the cabinet can solve this problem very well. The L-shaped kitchen cabinets have different sizes. It is suitable for storing kitchen utensils of various sizes. At the same time, the built-in sundries can keep the kitchen clean and tidy. The cabinet itself fills the relatively monotonous kitchen, which is both practical and aesthetic.

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