Multifunctional kitchen island design

April 13, 2021 0 Comments

Modern style. In the middle island, hanging cabinets and wall cabinets are added to meet the needs of storage and display, and the bar is decorated with fresh grass green to enhance the texture of nature.

Nordic style. The middle island is planned next to the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, so that the casual sunshine bar becomes the protagonist of the home, and then the cabinet function is integrated into the cabinet and the wall to create a clean and orderly layout.

Mix and match. The meticulously planned middle island can not only extend the function of the dining table, but also serve as the function of cleaning and meal preparation. The lower part is also designed to accommodate cooking equipment and storage space.

Mix and match. The central island is connected with the dining table to form the core area of the dining and kitchen space, and an iron shelf hangs above it, which strengthens the storage and satisfies the use of the reading space.

American style. The open kitchen combines the island table with the dining table, and is equipped with an iron hanging device above, which has the composite function of lighting and storage, and is also full of exotic flavors.

Modern style. A storage space is specially designed under the middle island table and the dining table, which can place cups, plates, tableware, wine bottles, etc., making it a convenient storage design.

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