Dada Cabinet System: Best High-End Art Kitchen

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Dada Cabinet System: Best High-End Art Kitchen.

In 1926, Mr. Angelo Garavaglia established a small handmade woodwork workshop. Under the operation of his eldest son, the furniture company was established and the business turned to closets and kitchen appliances. In 1979, the Dada company joined the Molteni Group as its cabinet brand.

Dada cabinet system from the original Futura Wall Unit wall cabinet to today’s unique revolutionary cabinet combination, always adhere to the advanced technology to create the most modern high-standard kitchen system.

Dada cabinets provide more humanized personal customization in configuration, greater flexibility in materials, and exquisite workmanship to every detail.


Design | Vincent Van Duysen

The design of the Intersection collection is extremely personal, with the individual user in mind, and every detail is designed to highlight Dada’s excellence in material handling.

The Intersection series uses hard marble countertops, warm wooden cabinet doors, and warm light strips that are hidden and exposed. The combination and collision of materials, the intersection and staggering of shapes, the overall design brings unexpected surprises.

The Intersection series cabinets cleverly embed the handle into the thickness of the cabinet door, and the 45° beveled angle makes it easy to open the cabinet door, and the elegant details make the overall effect more brilliant.

RATIO Cabinet System

Design | Vincent Van Duysen

The Ratio series of cabinets is based on a very formal composition, supplemented by the designer’s flexible use of materials, and finally creates this ultimate work.

The choice of cabinet materials for the Ratio collection is always guided by warmth and Mediterranean character, with a cross between oak, black palm and natural marble.

The metal grilles of the Ratio series cabinets define the basic modules, and the refined metal fittings above the countertops enhance the overall style of the kitchen.

With countertops of different thicknesses connected with slender, minimalist structural elements, Ratio cabinets strike an elegant balance between virtual and solid.

Ratio cabinets are a modular kitchen design with structuring as their greatest feature, as well as an innovative kitchen solution that integrates washing and cooking.

VVD Cabinet System

Design | Vincent Van Duysen

The VVD series is a handleless cabinet system that embeds stone troughs into the countertops to create a sophisticated kitchen full of life.

The VVD’s island-style layout, with built-in LED lighting in the wall-mounted cabinets, enhances the aesthetics of the interior glass shelves and makes it easier to find cutlery in the dark.

Oversized pull-out trays and trolleys that fit neatly under the worktop further complete the VVD kitchen design.

VVD cabinets are also thoughtful in size, whether they are oversized drawers or handy kitchen utensils, they can be neatly tucked into the pockets, effectively expanding your worktop area.

HI-LINE 6 FRAME DOOR Cabinet System

Design | Ferruccio Laviani

Hi-Line6 cabinets feature a clean, linear design that prioritizes function without sacrificing every detail.

Hi-Line6 cabinet finishes are specially treated to exude charming charm. The new shelving system shows tension above the countertops. The matt metal countertops can effectively prevent dipping during daily use. The overall low-key and connotative.

Hi-Line6 cabinet island horizontal drawers and vertical vertical cabinets are interspersed and combined, subtly enriching the level changes of the square blocks.

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