The Brightening of Second Avenue: A Look at the New Lighting System

April 11, 2023 0 Comments


Second Avenue is one of the busiest streets in our city. It is the heart of commercial and residential activity with countless stores, restaurants, and apartments. However, for years, the avenue has been known for poor lighting, which has resulted in safety concerns for both pedestrians and drivers. To address the issue, the city recently installed a new lighting system on Second Avenue, and in this article, we will take a closer look at it.

The Problems with the Old Lighting System

The old lighting system on Second Avenue was problematic in several ways. Firstly, the lights were outdated and inefficient, leading to a dimly lit street. This made it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and for pedestrians to navigate the street safely. Additionally, the old system required constant maintenance, and when a light went out, it often stayed out for days or weeks.

The New Lighting System

The city has installed a new lighting system on Second Avenue that aims to address the previous issues. The new system utilizes energy-efficient LED lights that are much brighter and provide better visibility of the street. The new lights are also spaced closer together, providing more even lighting across the entire avenue.

Benefits of the New Lighting System

There are numerous benefits to the new lighting system on Second Avenue. Firstly, the brighter lights improve visibility, reducing the risk of accidents for both drivers and pedestrians. Secondly, the new lights are much more energy-efficient, which will lead to significant cost savings for the city. Finally, the new system requires much less maintenance than the previous one, meaning that the street will be better lit, more often.

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