Noguchi Lamp: The Iconic Australian Lighting Piece That Transcends Time and Style

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The Noguchi Lamp, designed by Isamu Noguchi, is an iconic lighting piece that has stood the test of time. Originally designed in 1951, the Noguchi Lamp has become a design classic that is recognized all around the world. This article will explore the history behind the Noguchi Lamp, its design features, and how it has evolved to become one of the most sought-after lighting pieces in Australia.

History of the Noguchi Lamp

The Noguchi Lamp was designed by Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi in the early 1950s. Noguchi was a versatile artist who had a background in sculpture, set design, furniture designing, and interior design. The Noguchi Lamp is inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns, which Noguchi admired for their elegant simplicity.

The Noguchi Lamp is made up of two interlocking pieces of sculpted wood which are connected by a paper shade. The lamp comes with a round base made of brushed metal, which complements the overall design of the lamp. Noguchi designed the lamp so that it could be replicated using mass-production techniques, which made it affordable and accessible to the masses.

Design Features of the Noguchi Lamp

The Noguchi Lamp is known for its elegant and timeless design. Its unique shape and use of materials make it an icon in the world of lighting. Here are some of the design features of the Noguchi Lamp:

The Sculpted Wood Base

The Noguchi Lamp’s base is made up of two identical pieces of sculpted wood that are connected by a metal rod. The organic shape of the wood creates an almost seamless transition between the base and the shade, giving the lamp a fluid and harmonious appearance.

The Paper Shade

The paper shade of the Noguchi Lamp is made of washi paper, which is a traditional Japanese paper that is known for its strength and durability. The paper shade is held in place by three metal clips, which allow it to be easily replaced if necessary.

The Brushed Metal Base

The Noguchi Lamp’s base is made of brushed metal, which complements the wood and paper elements of the lamp. The metal base is round and has a weighted design, which ensures that the lamp is stable and does not tip over easily.

Evolving Styles of the Noguchi Lamp

Over the years, the Noguchi Lamp has undergone various design revisions, including the introduction of new materials and finishes. In the early 1980s, the lamp was re-released with a brushed stainless steel base, which gave it a more modern and contemporary look. The lamp was also produced in black and white finishes, which made it more versatile and appealing to a wider range of customers.

Today, the Noguchi Lamp is available in various sizes and colors, including white, black, and natural wood finishes. The lamp has also been adapted into a floor lamp variant, which is ideal for larger spaces and rooms.


The Noguchi Lamp is a timeless and elegant lighting piece that has become a design classic. Its simple and organic design has made it a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike. Its use of natural materials and traditional Japanese aesthetics make it a unique and valuable addition to any home or office interior.

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