Different Kinds of Wall Lamps

November 7, 2022 0 Comments

Wall lamp

There are various kinds of wall lamps available in the market. You can choose from a Cerf Volant, Claire Obscure, Damselfly, or Celestial Pebble Light. However, it is important to choose the right one for your home. You can also go for an unconventional type of wall lamp called a sconce.

Cerf Volant

The Cerf Volant wall lamp features a black re-lacquered metal stem and a perforated white metal shade. A circular element sits beneath the light and can be adjusted to any angle. The lamp is available in multiple colors and comes with a fixing kit.

Claire Obscure

The Clair Obscure wall lamp was designed by Raak in the 1960s. Its black sheet metal design features copper tubes along one side that create a stunning light effect. The light shines downward through these tubes and through the open top. The lamp is in very good condition.


A Damselfly wall lamp looks just like a kite and has been designed by Elise Fouin. The French name of the lamp is Cerf Volant, which translates to “kite.” The light’s elegant and simple design makes it suitable for a variety of locations. The light is adjustable, making it easy to position it at any angle.

Celestial Pebble Light

The Celestial Pebble Light wall lamp by Visual Comfort is a beautiful addition to any home. Inspired by the natural beauty of stones, the Pebble series combines sculptural shapes and translucency to create a unique fixture. Its natural shape constantly changes and evolves when viewed from different angles.


The YOYWall wall lamp is an innovative lighting solution created by Design Studio YOY. This modern lamp combines optical illusion with modern technology to create an eye-catching piece of art. YOYWall is available as a wall lamp and table lamp and is perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings.


The Pedrali wall lamp is a multipurpose lamp designed by Natalia Rota Nodari and Alberto Basaglia. The lamp’s body is made of rotationally moulded polyethylene and it is topped with a handle. It is available in different finishes and sizes.


The Vipp wall lamp is a stylish wall fixture with a perforated matte glass shade and adjustable arm. The light is diffused through the glass, and the adjustable arm lets you choose the perfect angle. Its replaceable LED light source provides optimal illumination.